Prayer - Does it really work?

According to the Word in James 4, we have not because we ask not, and sometimes we ask and do not receive because we ask "amiss."  This means wrongly or badly or inappropriately.  In prayer we can miss the mark when we ask God to do something that is not in agreement with His Word.  We can also ask badly or inappropriately when we ask in fear or anxiety or worry.  God only responds to faith, not fear. "Praying scripturally and in faith is essential if you want your requests to be answered positively." - Rick Renner.  Where can we find the confidence like someone described in 1 John 5:14?  We must be that person that asks God in our prayers "according to His will."  We can ask unashamedly and confidently because we know we are asking something that is in agreement with His Word.  Not sure what His Word says?  May we suggest that you dive in and don't wait!  Get to a Bible Study!  Visit your local church and get some Word in you.  Remember that out of the abundance of his heart so a man (or woman) speaks.  Luke 6:5.  So be abundantly full of God's Word and then listen to yourself as you speak and pray.  Don't be surprised at what comes forth from your lips.  And watch God as He grants those prayers that you ask in agreement with His Word.

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